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In-School Field Trips

We bring the field trip to your classroom!

What are In-School Field Trips and why should I book one?

Breathe life into challenging concepts, engage students with unique learning experiences, and complement your yearly programming, all from the convenience of your own classroom. That’s what you’ll get with an In-School Field Trip from Teacher’s Pet. 

Engaging students is hard. We understand the financial responsibility and the time commitment that come with creating engaging course content for students. Teacher’s Pet saves you time and money by bringing extraordinary education experiences directly to you.

Carefully developed by experienced teachers and delivered by enthusiastic and professional educators, our large and small group programming addresses the diverse needs and learning styles of students found in classrooms today. 

And to make your job easier, a Teacher’s Package is included with each program, covering everything you need to plan and prepare for your field trip. 

We support, enrich, and inspire the classroom learning environment. 

How To Book

Follow our simple, 4 step guide to book your own In-School Field Trip.

1. Pick a topic

Browse through our programs below and click on your topic of interest for details.

2. Call or book online

Give us a call at 780-434-8224 (toll free 1-888-634-8738) or book online by selecting your school, grade, topic, and presenter. The available times will be presented. Choose date and time to confirm booking.

3. Teachers package

A Teacher’s Package is included with everything you need to plan and prepare for your field trip. You will receive field trip forms, a volunteer request portion, and a checklist to prepare for your field trip.

4. Take home project

Many of our programs are project-based so students will have a lasting project to keep for years to come!

You will be invoiced once your program has taken place. Payment is due upon receipt.

Feature In-School Field Trip Topics

Get to know some of the exciting learning opportunities that we offer!

I Am Unique

Our train conductor is waiting to take you on an unforgettable “I Am Unique” journey. This train ride guides students in self-discovery based on their gifts, interests and talents. Students become authors and artists as they explore how special they are! Cross curricular activities include music, movement, art, storytelling, writing and more. Hurry! Train tickets are selling fast!

Rocks and Minerals

Students will become Junior Geologists as they learn about the intriguing components of rocks and minerals and will use their scientific minds to predict, test and record observations.


The students’ exploration will pull them towards their own discovery of the unique characteristics of magnets, what they attract and repel, and explore magnetic fields and polarity. Students will be delighted with the magnetic toy that they will create to take home

In-School Field Trip Programs

Browse through our available In-School Field Trips or visit our other Educational Program pages.