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Whole School Discount

Interested in booking projects for your entire school? We’ve created a whole school discount to make it that much easier for you to bring an engaging learning experience to each and every student.

Our multi-grade projects are perfect for:

  • School open house events
  • Special occasion events
  • Cross grade activities to foster cohesiveness between different ages and grades
  • In class art programs

Promo code must be used at the time of booking.

Whole School Programs

Choose from the following programs or mix and match programs to fit your curricular focus. For example, some schools will celebrate the Indigenous culture and book a combination of Dreamcatcher and Soapstone programs. You can even select a variety of program delivery methods: In-School Field Trips, Field Trips On Demand or Video Conference!

Creative Art Series

From Monet to Georgia O’Keeffe, our Creative Art series is full of inspiration! Based on the learning objectives of the Elementary Art Curriculum in Alberta, these projects include art appreciation and a guided art lesson, giving students the opportunity to create their own piece of art.

Soapstone Art

Learn about traditional Inuit uses of soapstone, where soapstone comes from, and the process the Inuit went through to get it. Students use various rasps, 3 grits of sandpaper, and oil to carve and complete their own soapstone shape.

Dreamcatchers, Legends and Games

Explore Indigenous legends and build a take home dreamcatcher with a project that is rich in history, culture, and tradition.

Wood Projects: Pioneer Log Cabin

Students will explore how our Canadian pioneers used the natural resources on hand to create a homestead. Using similar building techniques that pioneer settlers used, each student will build a wooden log cabin to take home.

Wood Projects: Bee House

In this immersive, hands-on project, students will learn about the needs of solitary bees in our environment, from their unique living spaces to factors that are putting the population of these vital insects at risk. Your students will be abuzz with excitement as they expand their knowledge and shift their perspective on bees. Students will also have the opportunity to construct their very own wooden bee house. 

Wood Projects: Birdhouse

A bird enthusiast will visit your classroom to teach students the basic needs of birds, their likes and dislikes, and even about clever distraction display techniques that some birds use to throw off their predators, all while helping the students to build their very own, take-home bird houses.

Wood Projects: Tool Box

Immerse your students in the wood building process. Students will first assemble and then paint their very own wooden tool box. They will be proud to bring this project home where it is sure to come in handy. From storing hammers to garden tools to yarn and more, this versatile tool box will get the job done!

Discount Information

Please read the important information below:

  • A minimum of 10 project field trips must take place in one school within a two week period.
  • The promo code must be used at the time of booking.
  • There is no maximum number of field trips. Book as many classes as you want!
  • Each classroom can pick a different project.
  • There is a maximum of 32 students per field trip.
  • Minimum fees apply for classes with 15 or fewer students.
  • We are GST exempt.
  • Booking is subject to the availability of our presenters. Book early to avoid disappointment!
  • Art field trips may be eligible for grant funding.
  • This discount applies only to Creative Art Series, Soapstone Art, Dreamcatchers, Pioneer Log Cabin, Bee House, and Birdhouse field trip programs.
  • Please contact us if you are a small school with less than 10 grade groupings and are interested in booking a whole school art program.
  • Cannot be used with other promo codes.
  • Discount cannot be applied to travel fees or charges for extra materials.
  • Applies to In-School Field Trips, Field Trips On Demand and Video Conference delivery platforms.

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