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Cancellation & Change

To ensure we are able to provide the best programming possible for most students, we follow a change and cancellation policy on all field trips and tutoring sessions. For more details about timelines, fees, and our COVID-19 modifications, please see the information below.

COVID-19 Updates

Safety modifications and recommendations:

IMPORTANT: All Teacher’s Pet Presenters fully comply with all Alberta Health Services requirements and School Board Policies when visiting schools and classrooms.


With the unpredictability of this evolving situation, we understand that there may be times when you must make changes or cancellations at the last minute. If such a situation does arise, please contact us as soon as possible. There is also a possibility that we may need to change or cancel a program at the last minute due to a COVID issue. We will do everything we can to reschedule your program as soon as possible and we appreciate your understanding of this matter. We will continue to adapt our health procedures and adhere to the guidelines from Alberta Health. Thank you for your continued support as we navigate these times. 

Safety Modifications

Our safety modifications include but are not limited to the following:

  • The Presenter will follow all Alberta Health Guidelines.
  • The Presenter will wear PPE in accordance with Alberta Health Guidelines and school policies.
  • The Presenter will meet with you to review protocols and ensure you are comfortable before the session begins.
  • We have enhanced our cleaning and sanitizing measures before, during, and after programs.
  • To limit physical contact, we require that students have their own basic school supplies, such as pencils and scissors (as needed). We will not be providing these materials at this time.

Safety Recommendations

  • Please provide students with the opportunity to wash their hands before the presentation.
  • When arranging desks for stations (if applicable), allow plenty of space between groups.
  • Student desks should face forward and/or away from each other when possible.
  • We understand that every school district has different protocols regarding wearing masks. If masks are optional in your class, we encourage students to wear a mask during the presentation, but it is not mandatory.

Field Trip Cancellation

For Covid related changes and cancellations during the 2022-2023 school year, the following policies will be waived.

For all other changes and cancellations, the following policies will be in place.

Cancellation Policy

  • Field trips may be cancelled up to 16 business days before the field trip date at no charge.
  • Field trips cancelled 6-15 business days before the field trip date will be charged $50/field trip cancelled.
  • Field trips cancelled 5 business days or less before the field trip date will be charged the full amount of the field trip.
  • If you have received your project supplies for Field Trip On Demand or Video Conference programs and wish to cancel, you will be invoiced for the cost of the supplies. Alternatively, you can return the supplies to Teacher’s Pet at your own expense. In addition, cancellation charges will apply, as stated above.

Change Policy

  • If more than 2 changes occur with your field trip booking, a change fee of $15/change may be applied to subsequent changes and will be applied to your invoice.
  • Field trips changed 6-10 business days before the field trip date will be charged $25 per field trip booking. Field trips must be rescheduled within the same school year.
  • Field trips changed 5 business days or less before the field trip date will be charged $50 per field trip booking. Field trips must be rescheduled within the same school year.
  • Video Conference and Field Trip On Demand Programs: If you need to change the number of students (sets of materials), you must notify us at least 15 business days before your booking date. Once supplies have been shipped, there is no refund. If you need additional materials sent to your school but we have already shipped your materials, there will be an additional shipping charge and we cannot guarantee that the additional materials will arrive by your chosen date for your program.

Tutoring Cancellation

Late arrivals, absences and cancellation:

Late Arrivals

  • If a student is late for a tutorial, the tutor will attempt to reach the student and/or parent by phone and will wait at the tutorial location for 10 minutes.
  • If the student does not arrive within 10 minutes, the session is considered ‘Missed’ and the tutorial session will be charged in full.
  • If the student does arrive within 10 minutes, the tutoring session will resume for the remainder of the originally scheduled session. You will still be charged for the full hour.


  • 24 hours notice is required for ANY change in schedule or absence, with the exception of absences due to illness. Please contact the tutor directly to reschedule a session.
  • If 24 hours notice is not provided, the session will be considered ‘Missed’ and the session will be charged in full.
  • In the event of illness, a minimum of 3 hours notice is required in order for your tutorial to be rescheduled to a later date. Less than 3 hours notice will result in the full amount of the tutorial being charged.

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