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Out-of-School Care Programs

Looking for some dynamic summer programming?

Out-of-School Care Programs icon
  • Ages 5 – 12
  • Virtual and in-person programs available (dependent on location)
  • Educational, fun, interactive programs
  • Lasting projects to take home
  • Multi-age programs available
  • Program takes place within your facility so no bus fees and less hassles
  • Working on accreditation? Our programs are a perfect fit!
Teacher's Pet Alberta Curriculum Canada Education Programs In-School Field Trip


(Available only in metro areas)

  • Our professional Presenters come to you!
  • 2-hour programs
  • We bring all the supplies with us.
  • Available in metro Edmonton and Calgary
    and communities within 75 km of these cities
Teacher's Pet Alberta Curriculum Canada Education Video Conference Field Trip Programs

Video Conference

(Available throughout Alberta)

  • We livestream one of our professional Presenters through Google Meet, etc. to your facility.
  • 1.5-hour programs
  • Project supplies are shipped to you prior to the program.
  • Our amazing Presenter will facilitate the program. Your children will have a fun, creative experience with a lasting project to take home!
Teacher's Pet Alberta Curriculum Canada Education Field Trip Programs On Demand Virtual Learning

Field Trip on Demand

(Available throughout Alberta)

  • We send you a link to a prerecorded video that you can start and stop according to your schedule. Once initially activated, the link is available for 7 days.
  • Project supplies are shipped to you prior to the program.

Some frequently asked questions:

I see that your programs are grade specific. Can these programs be adjusted for multi-age groups?

Yes! We can usually adjust the programs to fit a wide range of ages from 5-12 years.

How much do your programs cost?

The cost of the program varies by topic. Some topics have large projects like building a birdhouse, and other programs may have smaller projects. Please check the Pricing pages as the price will be different depending on if it is an In-Person, Video Conference or Field Trip on Demand program.

How can I save money on your programs?

A huge cost savings is that you will not need a bus! Our programs take place within your centre, either in-person or virtually.

Here are some cost savings for you:

  • We are GST exempt so you do not have to pay GST
  • No bus fees
  • We have a SUMMERFUN promo code that is available to help you save $2.00 off per child. Please apply this code at the time of booking.
  • You will automatically become a member of our Star Rewards Program. By earning points, you can redeem points for additional discounts to your bookings or donate the points to selected charities.

How long are your programs?

Our In-Person programs are 2-hours long.

Our Video Conference programs are 1.5-hours long.

Our Field Trip on Demand programs have a flexible timeline. You can start and stop these pre-recorded videos according to the needs of your children. Once you have activated the link, you will have 7 days to watch the video.

Do your programs have projects that the children can make to take home?

Absolutely! We have wonderful projects like soapstone, birdhouse, beehouses and more! Our STEM programs do not have take-home projects but your children will love all the activities that they do during the program.

How does payment work?

You will be invoiced once your program has taken place. Payment is due upon receipt and can be made by credit card, direct deposit, cheque or e-transfer to Please contact our office at 780-434-8224 to arrange for credit card payment.

Please note that shipping charges for the project supplies sent to you for Video Conference and Field Trip on Demand programs will be added to your invoice.

How many children can be in the program at one time?

Our maximum is 32 children at one time in a program. Please contact us if you have more than 32 students. There is a charge of $18/child for the program for each child over the 32-maximum allowed.  We charge a minimum fee for groups of 15 or fewer children.

Our centre is working towards accreditation. Are your programs educational?

Yes! Our programs are educational, fun, innovative and engaging. We check all the boxes for an amazing experience for your children!

I live far from any major city like Edmonton or Calgary. Can you still provide programs for us?

Yes, we can! We have both in-person as well as virtual programs. However, the in-person programs are only available within Calgary, Edmonton and their immediate surrounding areas.

Our virtual programs are available throughout Alberta! We have 2 types:

Video Conference

  • 1.5-hours long
  • We livestream one of our Presenters into your centre to facilitate the program
  • We ship all the supplies to your centre prior to the program date

Field Trip on Demand

  • Pre-recorded videos that you can stop and start at your convenience (link is active for 7 days)
  • We ship all the supplies to your centre prior to the program date