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Teacher's Pet TPET Alberta Education Field Trips In Classroom Virtual Learning On Demand Video Conference Private Tutoring Star Rewards

Teaching is stressful! You deserve to be rewarded for all your hard work and dedication to your students. We want to help. Being a part of your teaching journey is an honour and we want to thank you for including us!

Great news!

If you have already had a Teacher’s Pet school program booked under your name in your classroom, you are already enrolled.
Teacher's Pet TPET Alberta Education Field Trips In Classroom Virtual Learning On Demand Video Conference Private Tutoring

It’s FREE!

Teacher's Pet TPET Alberta Education Field Trips In Classroom Virtual Learning On Demand Video Conference Private Tutoring

Earn Bonus Points to redeem for discounts on our programs!

Teacher's Pet TPET Alberta Education Field Trips In Classroom Virtual Learning On Demand Video Conference Private Tutoring

Exclusive promos and perks, depending on your Star Tier level

Teacher's Pet TPET Alberta Education Field Trips In Classroom Virtual Learning On Demand Video Conference Private Tutoring

Donate your Bonus Points to a charitable organization or the Plant 5 Trees Program

Star Rewards – FAQs

1. Do I have to sign up to be a part of the TPET Star Rewards Program?

We know how hard you work so we wanted to make this program simple and straightforward. You are automatically a part of the TPET Star Rewards program when you book a field trip with us. If you decide that you want to opt out, you can easily do that by going to your profile on our online booking system and clicking the Opt Out button.

2. Do I have to pay anything to be a part of the TPET Star Rewards Program?

Nope, nada, nothing! This program is our way to thank you for being so supportive of Teacher’s Pet. We love being part of your programming!!

3. How can I earn Bonus Points?

TPET Star Rewards Program gives you the opportunity to earn and redeem Bonus Points. Earning Bonus Points is easy! Whenever you book a Teacher’s Pet program, you will earn Bonus Points once that program has taken place.  The number of points that you will earn will depend upon which TPET Star Rewards Tier you are at. The higher the tier, the more Bonus Points you will earn per booking!

Another way to earn Bonus Points is to refer a teacher friend who does not currently have an account with Teacher’s Pet. Your teacher friends will earn points once they book a program AND it has taken place. You will also receive points for the referral once their first program has taken place. There is no limit to the number of teacher friends that you can refer so you can really rack up the points! It’s a win-win for both of you!

4. How much are the Bonus Points worth?

Great question! Every 100 Bonus Points has a $25 value that can be used as a discount towards a Teacher’s Pet program, applied as a charitable donation or as a contribution to the Plant a Tree Program.

5. Can I book programs under my name for colleagues and earn Bonus Points?

No, all Teacher’s Pet Programs must be booked under the name of the teacher whose classroom will be having the program. This way, every teacher can earn Bonus Points and enjoy all the perks and benefits of the TPET Star Rewards Program! Credit is only given for bookings when the teacher’s name on the booking matches the classroom where the program took place.

6. How many tiers are there?

There are 4 Star Tiers – Green, Blue, Silver and Gold. The number of Bonus Points that you can earn will depend on the tier. There are also lots of other great benefits and perks as you move up the tiers!

7. How is it determined which TPET Star Rewards tier I am in?

Your placement in a tier is determined by the number of completed Teacher’s Pet program bookings that you had in the previous school year.

The TPET Star Rewards Program started in September 2022 so current teachers are placed in the tier that reflects the number of bookings that the individual teacher had in their OWN classroom during the 2021-2022 school year. If a teacher booked for other colleagues but put the bookings under his/her own name, the colleagues’ bookings will not count.

Credit is only given for bookings when the teacher’s name on the booking matches the classroom where the program took place.

So, the moral of this story is to make sure if you have a colleague helping you book programs, make sure that they put your booking in your name. You will want it in your name so that you get all the Bonus Points and perks that you deserve!

8. Can I move up or down a tier during the school year?

No, you will remain in the same tier throughout the year. At the end of each school year, the number of completed Teacher’s Pet program bookings that you had for your own classroom during that year will be assessed and you will move up or down the tier structure for the coming school year.

9. Can I move up or down more than one tier?

Absolutely! Depending on the number of completed Teacher’s Pet program bookings in the last school year, you can jump (or fall) to other tiers. Even if you start at the Green Star Tier but booked 6+ programs during that school year, you will zoom to the Gold Tier and soon be enjoying all the additional Bonus Points and perks that you deserve for the following school year!

10. Are the Bonus Points available to use as soon as I have booked a program?

When you book a Teacher’s Pet program, your points are PENDING. They are not available to redeem until the program has taken place. Once your program is over, then the pending Bonus Points will be converted into CONFIRMED Bonus Points. If you have a minimum of 100 CONFIRMED Bonus Points, then these points are now available to be redeemed.

11. On my profile, I can see pending, confirmed and redeemed Bonus Points listed. Can you explain the difference?

Pending Bonus Points are points that you have earned for booking a Teacher’s Pet program or referring a friend who subsequently books a program. However, the programs have not taken place yet, so those points are pending and waiting to be added to your account once the programs are completed.

Confirmed Bonus Points indicate all the points that you have earned for completed programs that you booked or the first completed program that your referred teacher friend booked. These points are available to be redeemed for school program discounts, charitable donations or to participate in our Plant a Tree Program.

Redeemed Bonus Points show the number of points that you have already used for Teacher’s Pet program discounts, charitable donations, and the Plant a Tree Program.

12. How do I redeem Bonus Points for a Teacher’s Pet program?

When you are booking a program online, you will be logged into your profile. When you get to the checkout portion of the booking, it will show you how many confirmed Bonus Points you have available. If you would like to redeem them, simply input this in the applicable area and complete your checkout. Your discount will now be applied to that booking.

If you are booking directly with our office, please tell one of our amazing team members that you would like to redeem Bonus Points on your booking, and they will be happy to complete this process for you!

13. How do I redeem Bonus Points for a charitable donation or the Plant 5 Trees Program?

If you would like to redeem your points for a charitable donation or the Plant 5 Trees Program, log into your profile and click on the Star Rewards page. Under the “Your Star Rewards” tab, you will see a list of your available rewards. If the charitable donation or Plant 5 Trees Program is listed there, you simply click the Purchase button, and the value of your rewards will go towards those programs.

The number of Bonus Points that can be redeemed at one time for a charitable donation or the Plant 5 Trees Program is 100. ($25 value)

14. Is there a minimum or maximum number of Bonus Points that I can use at one time for Teacher Pet program bookings?

You can redeem Bonus points of 100 or 200 points at one time. This means you can have either a $25 or $50 discount on a Teacher’s Pet program booking. Wow!

15. I have a Promo code. Can I redeem Bonus Points AND use a promo code?

You have found the sweet spot! Yes! You can maximize your savings by using a promo code and redeeming your Bonus Points.

16. Do the Bonus Points expire?

Bonus Points will expire if not redeemed in 5 years.

17. Can I transfer my Bonus Points to other people?

No, Bonus Points are non-transferable.

18. I love this program! Can I refer my teacher friends? If so, how do I do this?

The more the merrier! Yes, please refer us to your teacher friends. Go to your profile, click Star Rewards, and then look for the referral link. Email this to all your teacher friends who do not currently have a Teacher’s Pet account.

Want to really increase the number of referral Bonus Points you will receive? You can post the link on your social media to reach lots of teachers who would like to be a part of this program and receive incredible discounts and fabulous perks!

19. Do I get Bonus Points for referring my teacher friends? Do they receive anything special?

Everyone wins when you refer someone to Teacher’s Pet! When your teacher friend creates a new account with Teacher’s Pet AND books a field trip, each of you will receive PENDING Bonus Points. Once that field trip program has taken place, those Bonus Points will now be CONFIRMED points and can be redeemed. The number of Bonus Points that you receive for referring a friend will be determined by the tier that you are in. The higher the tier, the more points that you will receive.

20. Besides discounts for school programs, donating to charities or the Plant 5 Trees Program, are there other perks?

We have LOTS of other perks for you! The higher the tier, the more perks, so aim high! Please check out the chart on this page.

21. I noticed on your TPET Star Rewards chart that there are Welcome Bonus Points. What are those?

We are so excited to have the TPET Star Rewards program that we wanted to share the excitement with you! Therefore, every teacher who starts the program with us will receive 75 Bonus Points just for being you and sharing your teaching journey with Teacher’s Pet. This is a one-time bonus and will help kick start the program for you. Remember, you only need 100 points to start getting a discount, so you are almost there!

22. Will you be adding any new ways to earn or redeem points as well as additional perks in the future?

Yes, our team is hard at work creating the most amazing rewards program for you! Stay tuned for new and exciting additions in the future!

23. I am not sure if I want to be a part of the TPET Star Rewards Program. Can I opt out?

If you don’t want to enjoy all the discounts and perks associated with this program, you can easily opt out. Log into your profile, click Star Rewards and you will see a button there that allows you to opt out.

24. If I opt out of the TPET Star Rewards Program, can I still book field trips?

You bet! We would love to continue to be a part of your programming.

25. If I opt out, will I still accumulate points for my bookings and referrals?

Sadly, no, you will not be accumulating points during the time that you have opted out of the program.

26. I opted out but now I realize that I want to benefit from this program. Can I rejoin it?

We would love to have you back in the TPET Star Rewards Program! Go to your profile, click Star Rewards, and then click the button to opt into the program again. So easy!

Donating Your Bonus Points


At Teacher’s Pet, we have always believed in giving back to the community. We have donated services to Ronald McDonald House and contributed a percentage of the net proceeds from our FNMI programs to a variety of Indigenous organizations. We are excited to expand our commitment to organizations that focus on children, education and the environment. As a TPET Star Rewards member, you can choose to donate your Bonus Points to one of our charity partners.

To donate your Bonus Points, login to your account, select the My Star Rewards tab and click the donate button on your active reward. You can donate 100 Bonus Points at a time.

True North Aid is dedicated to serving and supporting northern and remote Indigenous communities in Canada through practical humanitarian support. With more than 60% of Indigenous children living below the poverty line, there is much work to be done. The issue facing Indigenous communities in Canada are complex. True North Aid believes that self-governance and self-determination is the key to closing the poverty gap.
As a Canadian charity, our mandate is to provide practical humanitarian assistance through initiatives established on eight foundational stones of support. These include self-determination, reconciliation, water, food, health, housing, hope and education. Our priority is to help ensure the dignity and health of Indigenous people through our actions. Our self-determination activities are designed to help inspire and empower Indigenous youth to pursue their dreams and, in turn, empower their people and community.
Through reconciliation and education, we raise awareness and promote an understanding of the tragic history of non-Indigenous/Indigenous relations in Canada, helping us to understand why we find ourselves in this present situation. As we do, attitudes and prejudices change and we open doors to a broader discussion and understanding of the options that are available. We believe that mutual cooperation and respect will make the difference.

Miskanawah is an Indigenous-led organization that offers evidence-informed and culturally grounded services to families, youth, and individuals within the Calgary area. Guided by the traditional teachings embedded within Wahkohtowin (Cree Natural Law of interconnection and kinship) and our cultural mandate of “protecting the smudge”, we offer a wide array of services within mental health, addictions, family violence, and parenting supports. As an Indigenous-led service provider, our goal is to infuse culture into all aspects of our programming and continuously evolve to meet the ongoing needs of our communities.

Bent Arrow is a non-profit organization that has provided unique programs and services to Edmonton’s urban Aboriginal population since 1994. These programs and services range from youth employment preparation and comprehensive family services to supported referrals and soup and bannock lunches. All of Bent Arrow’s programs and services have been developed specifically for Aboriginal people, but are open to all. We incorporate the spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects of one’s life, family, and community. Our goal is to offer people opportunities to learn, grow, and make positive choices for themselves and their families. The result is a positive impact on community, too.

Ronald McDonald House Charities Alberta supports families seeking vital medical treatment for their seriously ill or injured child. Our warm, compassionate Houses provide a home-away-from-home for families who need to travel for medical reasons. When those families are experiencing one of life’s most difficult times – we offer them the gift of togetherness.

Since the first Houses were built in Alberta in 1985, we have supported tens of thousands of families. Every year, thousands will stay at one of Alberta’s Ronald McDonald Houses. These stays can last up to a few nights, or as long as several weeks or months at a time.

Each Ronald McDonald House has private family suites for families to rest. The Houses have open kitchens where families can sit down and share experiences over a homemade meal. The sense of community enables families to rely on each other and shore up strength when they need it the most.

Almost 70% of Canadian families live outside of a centre with a children’s hospital – meaning that they will need to travel in order to access medical care. A Ronald McDonald House will save a family hundreds to thousands of dollars on accommodation, transportation, meals, laundry, parking, and so much more. Having a Ronald McDonald House close to the hospital – as in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, and Medicine Hat – is an important part of family-centred care.

RMHC Alberta serves families largely from across the province, from almost 200 Albertan communities. From Wood Buffalo to Lethbridge, and Grande Prairie to Lloydminster, families come from all corners and corridors of Alberta to stay at a Ronald McDonald House.

UNICEF works in over 190 countries and territories to save children’s lives, to defend their rights, and to help them fulfil their potential, from early childhood through adolescence. And we never give up.

Discover UNICEF’s work for every child, everywhere.

Teacher’s Pet is excited to offer you an opportunity to donate your Bonus Points and plant trees across Canada. Tree Canada is a national non-profit organization that is dedicated to planting and nurturing trees in rural and urban environments, in every province across the country.

Teacher’s Pet is thrilled to include Tree Canada in our Plant a Tree program. Every 100 Bonus Points donated, will plant 5 trees in Canada.

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