Multi-Grade (2-6)


Exploring Botley's World

STEM is an integrated approach to learn about science, technology, engineering and math.

Curricular Highlights

  • Explorations: These programs embed the competencies of critical thinking, problem solving, managing information, creativity, innovation, communication, collaboration and personal growth and well-being. Students use knowledge and strategic skills to solve challenges.
  • Theme: Coding: Exploring Botley’s World
  • Grade: Multi-Grade, 2 to 6
  • Categories: STEM

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This program can be delivered as:

In-School Field Trips

Description: It’s time to unleash your critical thinking, creativity, and innovative skills! Join us on an interactive coding adventure through Botley’s World. Challenge your problem-solving skills by thinking outside the box to help Botley successfully solve mazes, travel through challenging obstacles, and defy all odds in the 5 immersive worlds. Whether you are a budding coder or an advanced programmer, prepare to be amazed as you are about to take your coding skills to new limits!

Format: Our experienced presenters deliver curriculum-based field trips right in your classroom.

Duration: 2 hours

Volunteers: 1 per 4 students recommended

Teacher Provides: N/A

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