Democracy: Citizens Participating in Decision-Making

Join D. Mockracy as she leads you through a mock election in this dynamic decision making demo!

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Description: Meet the candidates, analyze campaign tactics, dissect the issues, and cast your vote. Will the winner be accountable? The fate of the school rests in the students’ hand… Let the debate begin! 


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2 hours

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Curricular Highlights


Democracy: Citizens Participating in Decision-Making

Alberta Grade:

Grade 6


Social Studies


Discussion about factors in an election.
Explore environmental issues.
Critical thinking about issues and candidates.
Vote in the mock election and discuss the results.

What Teachers Are Saying

I like the idea that they need to do research to decide who to vote for. I really enjoy the discussions that come out of the process. The posters, news articles and other readings aobut each of the candidates are great. I like that they each have different jobs to take care of. The length of time for each candidate is good. (In-School program)

G.L. , Grade 6 TeacherMcArthur School

Excellent. The students were engaged and discussions about each elected representative were interesting. The students enjoyed reading and understanding each person's point of view and what they represent. Lots of interaction with the students. (In-School program)

Grade 6 TeacherFFCA North Middle School


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