Grade 3

Communities in the World

Get ready for takeoff – pack a bag, grab your boarding pass, and find your seat!

Curricular Highlights

  • Explorations: Discover the wonders of India, Ukraine, Peru and Tunisia. Climate and Geography. Imports and Exports. Traditions and culture.
  • Theme: Communities in the World
  • Grade: 3
  • Categories: Social Studies

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This program can be delivered as:

In-School Field Trips

Description: We’re flying off to explore the world with scheduled stops in India, Ukraine, Peru and Tunisia. Learn about celebrations, discuss exports, test your map skills, and more in this overview field trip experience of all 4 countries! Assemble a Diwali lantern, visit a Tunisian Souk, play Peruvian string games, act out a traditional Ukrainian folktale, learn terms in four languages, explore imports and exports unique to the 4 countries visited. 

Format: Our experienced presenters deliver curriculum-based field trips right in your classroom.

Duration: 2 hours

Volunteers: 3 recommended

Teacher Provides: N/A

Take Home:
Diwali Lantern

Video Conference

Description: It’s time to get our passports out! Captain Adventure is in town and will be bringing our students on a virtual tour to explore the wonders of the Fabulous Four: India, Ukraine, Peru, & Tunisia. Through this global adventure, students will learn loads of information about each unique country including its location, terrain, food, festivals, and traditions. At the end of the presentation, students will receive step-by-step instructions to create their very own take-home project, a colourful Peruvian mask!

Format: Livestreamed with a presenter using Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc. Curriculum-based. We ship the supplies to the school. Works in all school re-entry scenarios (classroom and home learning).

Duration: 1.5 hours

Volunteers: 2 recommended

Teacher Provides: Water cups, paper towels

Take Home:
Peruvian Mask; Paint set with brush

What Teachers Are Saying

Grade 2 TeacherAsasa Academy

This was the best Teacher’s Pet one I’ve done. It was informative, interactive, and well organized. I liked that they imagined travelling around the world on an airplane with our presenter as the pilot. Then, they got to keep their lantern craft to take home. Good to have a physical memory of the day. (In-School program)

S.PGeorge P. Nicholson

The instructor was energetic and enthusiastic. There was a lot of content delivered during the program. I really appreciated the photos and videos as well as the quiz to get a passport stamp and move onto the next country. It was great that movement breaks were incorporated. (Video Conference program)

C.B.St. Rose of Lima School

The Presenter arrived prepared and had so many visuals and centers for the students. I was extremely impressed with this in school field trip, and will for sure be booking again at my new school. I went to the other teachers in my school and told them how great this field trip was, and that they should for sure book for the upcoming school year. They will surely NOT be disappointed. It was a great great great experience. Outcomes were covered which benefits teachers. (In-School program)

C.WMalcolm Tweddle Elementary School

The Presenter was AMAZING! My kids and I had an absolute blast in the field trip! She was very enthusiastic and kept my class engaged the entire 90 minutes. I am very, very pleased with the field trip and so grateful for her positivity! The Presenter started the lesson with a costume and everything! The slides and questions were very interactive which my kids thoroughly enjoyed! (Video Conference Programl)

Grade 3 TeacherThornhild Central School

Great videos. There was a variety of materials presented, from videos to stories. The children loved doing the mask. We greatly enjoyed this presentation. Cannot wait to see others. (Video Conference program)

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