Grade 5

Histories and Stories of Ways of Life in Canada

What are the stories of your heritage? Why are they important?

Curricular Highlights

  • Explorations: Learn about diversity in Canada through storytelling. Explore cultural mosaics. Apply symbolism with a personal puzzle craft. Explore traditions around the world. Create a group news-style interview.
  • Theme: Histories and Stories of Ways of Life in Canada
  • Grade: 5
  • Categories: Social Studies

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In-School Field Trips

Description: Many traditions from settlers in Canada are still part of our everyday lives. Come learn about the challenges and adventures settlers faced using dramatic tableaus and mock interviews. Examine Canada’s diverse heritage through symbols and celebrations that have sculpted our country! The exploration of our cultural mosaic begins “Once upon a time in Canada…” 

Format: Our experienced presenters deliver curriculum-based field trips right in your classroom.

Duration: 2 hours

Volunteers: 3 recommended

Teacher Provides: TBD

Take Home:
Personal Cultural Craft: Puzzle

What Teachers Are Saying

E.Menno Simons Christian School

It was both high interest and academically rigorous. (In-School program)

AnonymousSt. Andrew School

The presenter did a great job engaging with the students, taking questions, and listening to their stories. I was really impressed with her. (In-School program)

P.HSherwood School

I like that this field trip provided alternate interactive activities for Social Studies different than what was used in class this year. (In-School program)

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