Creating Colour

Enter the world of colour and help Cam the Chameleon do what chameleons do best – Change Colour!

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This program can be delivered as:

In-School Field Trips

Description: Cam, the Chameleon, needs to use primary colours to help him create secondary colours so that he can be camouflaged anywhere, any time. Through hands-on activities, students will explore colours, tints and shades so that they can help Cam change colours just like the other chameleons!

Field Trips take place right IN your classroom. Our experienced presenters deliver curriculum-based field trips.

2 hours

4 recommended

Teacher Provides:
Water, Pencils

Take Home:
Two completed paintings

Video Conference

Description: Poor Cam the Chameleon! He has been separated from his family and needs to get back to them! In the Creating Colour Video Conference Program, students will join Cam in his quest to find his family. During this virtual adventure, students will explore a series of vivid images, songs, stories, and video clips while Cam collects balloons in an effort to fly over a mountain to re-join his family. Students will learn how to differentiate between transparent/opaque objects, sort items into natural/manufactured colours, create tints and shades and explore the colours of the rainbow. To top things off, each student will be guided through the step-by-step instructions on how to assemble their own take-home project – a hot air balloon rainbow spinner!

Livestreamed with a presenter using Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc. Curriculum-based. We ship the supplies to the school. Works in all school re-entry scenarios (classroom and home learning).

1.5 hours

2 recommended

Teacher Provides:
Pencils, wax crayons

Take Home:
Hot air balloon spinner

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This program is from the previous Alberta Science curriculum and contains enrichment content and activities that are relevant for this grade level.

Curricular Highlights

  • Explorations: Compare and contrast colours. Explore the mixing of colours. Identify transparent and opaque materials. Explore colours of the rainbow. Identify colours in a variety of natural and manufactured objects.
  • Theme: Creating Colour
  • Grade: 1
  • Categories: Art, Science

What Teachers Are Saying

S.L. Grade 1 TeacherSir Alexander MacKenzie School

This in-school workshop was a hit again! It was a wonderful experience for my class. The Presenter was very positive with the children and the helping parents. The children were enthusiastic and engaged and this was a direct reflection of the way the Presenter interacted with them. By taking part in this workshop, the kids had a lot of fun and were able to solidify their basic understanding of colors and gain new insights and knowledge too. (In-School program)

A.C., Grade 1 TeacherHoly Family School

Everything aligned with our curriculum. The students were engaged with the activities at each center and the amount of time spent at each center was appropriate. The materials were relevant to the topics. (In-School program)

Grade 1 TeacherMary Hanley School

I have booked this field trip for several years now. The consistency of the field trip and the variety of the stations is great. The students always have a wonderful time and learn a great deal as they move through the stations. (In-School program)

N.B., Grade 1 TeacherJean Vanier Catholic School

The hands-on activities helped the students review the key concepts from the unit. We were at the end of our unit so it was a great way for me to see and assess all that they had learned. (In-School program)

E.O., Grade 1 TeacherSt. Luke Catholic School

I really enjoyed the quality of the materials and information. The Presenter was wonderful and she was able to capture the interest of the students. The instructions are so easy for the parents to follow. (In-School program)

Grade 1 TeacherMalcolm Tweddle School

The Presenter was an amazing virtual presenter. She kept the student’s engaged and always waited for their input on things before moving ahead. She even got to know some of the student’s names which really made it special for them. We had a student join us remotely as well and the parents were so happy that he was able to “join” our class. (Video Conference program)

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