Exploring Liquids

Ever wonder where puddles go or why snowmen melt even in the middle of winter?

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In-School Field Trips

Description: Ms. Puddle Hopper will help students discover the properties of water and understand the concepts of evaporation, condensation, freezing, and thawing. Students will also learn the importance of conserving water. Plus, take an exciting trip through the water cycle! Make rain, yummy slushies, and more. Don’t miss this wet and wild adventure!


Field Trips take place right IN your classroom. Our experienced presenters deliver curriculum-based field trips.


2 hours

Teacher Provides:

Water, Paper Towel


3 recommended

Take Home:

Salt Crystal Experiment

Field Trips On Demand

Description: Time warp from the 1940s to the present day—and back again—to help solve the case of the missing puddle in this adventure story that is sure to get your students excited about the science of liquids! From absorbency to evaporation to changing states of matter, your students will act as sleuths as they use their observation and inference skills to figure out just what happened to this missing puddle! 


Pre-recorded videos. Curriculum-based and works in all school re-entry scenarios (classroom and home learning).



Teacher Provides:

Paper towels, water


1-2 recommended

Take Home:

Water Bead Craft Set

Curricular Highlights


Exploring Liquids

Alberta Grade:

Grade 2




Describe the properties or states of water (liquid, solid and gas)
Demonstrate an understanding that liquid water can be changed to other states
Participate in fun, interactive activities that explore the properties of liquids
Recognize that water is a component of many materials and of living things

What Teachers Are Saying

B.J., Grade 2 TeacherAcadia School

The Presenter was organized, energetic and helpful. All of us had a great two hours of learning and exploration. (In-School program)

M.W.School of Hope

Engaging activities that were well prepared and I loved that all the materials came with the presenter and I didn't have to gather anything. (In-School program)

Grade 2 TeacherMaryland Heights School

I liked the centre approach and how each centre focused on a different concept. I also liked how all the centres had hands-on activities for the students to participate in. (In-School program)

J.F., Grade 2 TeacherHigh Park School

I like that the field trip was self-contained in the classroom! There was a great deal of variety in the stations and the Presenter was sensitive to the attention span of young students. Appropriate attention was placed on learner outcomes. It was a great opportunity for volunteers to see students in action! (In-School program)

C.P., Grade 2 TeacherSt. Benedict School

Fantastic activity! My students really enjoyed the beads. I was not expecting them to be as successful with their lack of fine motor skills, but they did great. (Field Trip on Demand)


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