A Prairie Community in the Past

Learn about the fascinating Ukrainian history on the prairies!

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In-School Field Trips

Description: Venture to Saskatoon to learn how Ukrainian Superhero Settlers influenced life on the prairies. What skills and ideas did they bring to Saskatoon? Are their traditions impacting life today? How did they defeat the geographical challenges they faced? The wonders of Ukrainian art, music and more await us as we explore Canada’s past. 


Field Trips take place right IN your classroom. Our experienced presenters deliver curriculum-based field trips.


2 hours

Teacher Provides:



3 recommended

Take Home:

Student Decorated Wooden Ball and Cup Craft

Video Conference

Description: This virtual program is not simply a cultural adventure, but a spectacular journey through time! Our class will be pulled through a time portal to visit a Prairie Community in the Past! Students will discover the Superhero Settlers’ powers that brought them across the world to make their new home on the Canadian Prairies. Students will also discover the geography, goods and services and unique Ukrainian cultural traditions through this exciting time-warping adventure. As a take-home souvenir, students will get to decorate their very own wooden pysanky egg.


Livestreamed with a presenter using Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc.
Curriculum-based. We ship the supplies to the school. Works in all school re-entry scenarios (classroom and home learning).


1.5 hours

Teacher Provides:

Pencil crayons


2 recommended

Take Home:

Student Decorated Wooden Egg

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Curricular Highlights


A Prairie Community in the Past

Alberta Grade:

Grade 2


Project-Based, Social Studies


Appreciate the physical and human geography of the communities studied.
Investigate the physical geography of a prairie community in Canada.
Investigate the cultural and linguistic characteristics of an Inuit, an Acadian and a prairie community in Canada.
Investigate the economic characteristics of communities in Canada.
Analyze how the community being studied emerged.
Develop skills of historical thinking.
Develop skills of geographic thinking.

What Teachers Are Saying

L.M., Grade 2 TeacherMonsignor Neville Anderson School

Engaging and awesome! The presenter was so respectful and really made it meaningful for the kids by helping them connect to the content. (In-School program)

D.F., Grade 2 TeacherEarl Buxton School

It really helped students understand that settling in Canada was NOT easy. Students thoroughly enjoyed the stations, and we have something to review when discussing our workshop. (In-School program)

Grade 2 TeacherAltadore School

The superhero/villain theme really hooked the students - very relatable for them. The Ukrainian toy take-away. The students were really excited to show their parents. (In-School program)

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Video Conference


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