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    In-School Field Trips

    We bring the field trip to your classroom! Get ready for an interactive experience that makes education concepts come alive for your students. A Teacher’s Package is included with each program, covering everything you need to plan and prepare for your field trip.

    Field Trips On Demand

    Our famous programs, offered on your schedule! Field Trips On Demand provide curriculum-based, pre-recorded, and interactive videos with accompanying projects for students to create and keep.

    Video Conference

    Engage your students virtually with livestream presenters, right in your classroom. These 1.5-hour programs include an exciting project for each student to create and take home.

    School Residencies

    Teaming up with your teaching staff and administration, we will design themed workshops and a flexible time table to match your current curriculum needs. Our engaging Teacher’s Pet staff will come into your school for a set of workshops over the course of 2-4 weeks.

    Private Tutoring

    Inspire confidence and a love of learning through private tutoring. You won’t find generic, levelled worksheets or a “cookie cutter” approach to our tutorials. All tutorials are one-on-one and are based upon what the student needs to be successful in the classroom.

    Special Events

    Let us help you make your event a success. We do it all, including (but are not limited to): corporate events, weddings or other private functions, bridal showers, paint nights, out of school care programs, organized children’s programs.

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    What Teachers Are Saying

    Testimonials from school teachers.

    M.B., Kindergarten TeacherAurora School

    I love the hands-on approach to teaching my little guys some legends from the First Nation people. I like how the legends tie in with the games. My absolute favourite part was making the dreamcatchers. They turned out absolutely beautiful and are something the kids can have for years to come. (In-School program: Dreamcatchers, Legends and Games)

    Grade 5 TeacherMillarvilel Community School

    All the materials were supplied and the Presenter was organized and on time. Also, this was a unique opportunity that the students were engaged in for 2 hours straight! Absolutely fantastic! Even the parents were raving about it! (In-School program: Soapstone Art)

    L.SFoundations for the Future Charter Academy

    The students were highly engaged and could've carried on if time permitted. I enjoyed that it was all hands on and required them to critically think about how to make the robots move. (In-school program: Robotics: Cubelets Series)

    D.G-M., Grade 3 TeacherAfton School

    The Presenter was very well prepared and well organized, and had excellent management skills. The hands-on activities are, of course, our favourite thing. I liked how there was a balance between the kinesthetic materials and the theory/info materials. (In-School program: Rocks and Minerals)

    Use STAR-TEACHER at checkout to save $1.50 per student

    Book Now and Take Advantage of Our Promo!

    Promo code valid before June, 2023. Programs can take place up to October 15, 2023. (Includes pre-booking for the 2022-23 school year.). Promo code must be used at the time of booking. Applies to all programs (in-school and virtual)