Grade 1

Building Things

Let's get building!

Curricular Highlights

  • Explorations: Constructing with materials. Planning and identifying the purpose of parts and materials in construction. Comparing different types of homes.
  • Theme: Building Things
  • Grade: 1
  • Categories: Science, Project-Based

This is a supplementary program for MATTER: How can properties of an object be altered?

If you would like the specific 2023-2024 Science Curriculum program,
please check out the Monkey Business program for Grade 1.

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This program can be delivered as:

In-School Field Trips

Description: Working in groups, students will explore a variety of materials and fasteners as they construct zoo enclosures. Students will also construct their own 3D animal and will take the entire project home. Join our zookeeper on this building adventure!

Format: Our experienced presenters deliver curriculum-based field trips right in your classroom.

Duration: 2 hours

4-5 recommended

Teacher Provides: N/A

Take Home:
Zoo Enclosure, 3D Animal

Video Conference

Description: Our resident architect will guide your students through planning, building, and designing their ultimate house and yard! Students will be thrilled to take on the role of an architect, builder, and landscape designer as they construct their own 3D wooden house.

Format: Livestreamed with a presenter using Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc. Curriculum-based. We ship the supplies to the school. Works in all school re-entry scenarios (classroom and home learning).

Duration: 1.5 hours

Volunteers: 2 recommended

Teacher Provides: Pencils, pencil crayons

Take Home:
3D Wooden House

What Teachers Are Saying

J.D.Holy Spirt Catholic School

The content was great. Seeing all the different houses and how we use ideas from nature. The presenter did a great job and the kids were engaged. They enjoyed building the house. (Video Conference program)

J.SGlendale School

The activity was hands on and engaging. Great colour visuals. There were lots of supplies for students to choose from which allowed them to be creative and make the project their own. (In-School program)

S.LSir Alexander Mackenzie School

I really enjoyed the presentation 'Building Things' yesterday. The Presenter engaged the Grade One students in a variety of interesting and creative ways. Movement breaks were also embedded in the video conference and were well timed. Directions were encouraging, clear and detailed. The Presenter was very flexible and worked collaboratively with myself, cognitive of the higher needs of some of the students that I have this year. The students were thrilled and very proud of their homes they built and learned about the importance of planning and following directions when building. The quality of the structures that were built was high. Thank you for providing this great opportunity for fun and learning in the classroom. (Video Conference program)

S.OWin Ferguson Elementary School

The students were completely engaged and enjoyed everything from the story right at the beginning to "buying" and building their enclosure. It was a well done field trip! (In-School program)

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